Asmoan Hilton (Paris)

Father: Multi CH Poppy Slope´s Don´t Waste No Time
Mother: Asmoan Dejavu
CEA carrier, certified by EVG
MDR1: +/- , certified by EVG
​PRA normal, certified by  Slovgen
DM normal, certified by Gensol
vWD III free, certified by  Slovgen
Eye diseases clear, certified by  ECVO
Hips: A, certified by AVEPA
Elbows: 0/0, certified by AVEPA
Shoulder OCD: Normal, certified by OFA
Patella (Luxating Knee) : Normal, certified by OFA.

Size: 32,5 cms
Agility GIII

Qualified for the Spanish Agility Team Championship 2017

Qualified for the Spanish Agility Championship 2018